Does your daughter love travelling? Is she always looking for a new place to visit? Does she like to explore unknown lands? A travel inspired room is everything she needs to keep dreaming even when she is at home and she is planning her next adventure. 

Here is what you need to have a perfect travel room

1) Geographic maps on the walls

Idols posters are old-fashioned and something trash for a girl who dreams big. The only things she needs are geographic maps, vintage pull down maps, hung on the walls of her room. If you are a family of globetrotters, you could surely track your adventurers on these maps and you could take note of the ones yet to come. 

Furthermore, it’s always better to have something lightweight over the bed or crib (for a future travel baby girl), so these maps are a great solution that also satisfy your artistic taste.

2) A Globetrotter reading corner

The very essential thing in a travel girl room is a lovely reading corner, with a bookcase full of travel guides and travel diaries, and a table and chair set to write down and draw the greatest stories. 

This spot is helpful for the imagination of a little travel girl and it is especially precious to keep her creativity alive. In this small paradise spot she can dream of future adventures and she can remember her past travels, writing down every story she lived and everything that surprised her.

3) Travel Pendant light and lamps

To follow the global pattern of the room, special items could be travel inspired pendant lights and lamp. You could choose an airplane, a compass or little globes as  pendants of the chandelier or as the base of bedside lamps.

Your little girl will have sweet dreams, looking at these pendant before sleeping.

4) Giant and little globes

We almost forgot the ultimate symbol of a perfect travel girl room: globes. Vintage globes are better if you have a passion for soft and pastel colors, and you want to avoid too vivid colors.

The globes are as useful as travel guides, because they allow you to improve your imagination and to plan your next trips. You can put them on bookcases or on dressers.