Did you choose to keep the sex of your incoming baby in secret or are you still hesitant about the right nursery for your little one? Whatever your reason may be, the options for gender-neutral nurseries are limitless!

Here are some of the cutest gender-neutral nurseries!

1) Soft Hues and Original Shapes


Your baby will feel safe in this well-organized and calming nursery, with a high reflective white that will instantly brighten any space. Hang over the crib a shaped mobile that will enchant your little ones, while they lie down, and add a reading corner to entertain them before bedtime. 

2) Loving Morocco


This nursery came from a mother’s uncertainty on how to decorate her boy’s room, since until then she got used to girly things with her toddler girl. The result is a perfect gender neutral nursery, created from her love and the love of his husband for Morocco. Initially, they created a Desert Camp inspiration board, which then evolved into a sort of explorer or botanist mood. This nursery is full of details, that are able to not make the room too “baby”, like the unique moon removable wallpaper, ready to take off if the children ever ask about refreshing their rooms.

3) The Scandinavian Royal Blue


A mix of Scandinavian and Exotic, ideal for toddler girls and boys. This nursery has a nostalgic reference, because the mother who has chosen the decor has been inspired by her Swedish grandmother. Therefore, she wanted something that reminded her heritage, with a playful touch: the room for her little ones had to be bright, with lots of texture, with natural wood as the focal point of the room and with a cheerful and cozy wallpaper. Eloise (that is the name of the mother) wanted to reiterate the importance of colors in every nurseries and what the colors symbolize: they had to inspire playfulness and peace, calmness and warmth.

4) Natural touch


Fill your baby’s nursery with nature! This modern neutral nursery perfectly meets the need of the little ones of being and playing among nature. To bring to the room the right amount of color and to remind of life and growth, the mother and photographer Kandis Marino has added pops of burnt orange and lots of real plants. The nursery is perfect for any baby boy or girl, because of the use of neutral tones with modern touches. The goal was to create “a place to grow and feel at home, a place to dance around and run and jump, a place to be loved and know love”.
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