What is the special ingredient to make a shared room comfortable for a big brother and a little sister? It is difficult to set up a room where needs are so different from one kid to another. For this reason, the space has to be undoubtedly special and neutral enough to make both of them happy.

Here are some ideas for an ideal shared room

1) The Wallpaper for an ideal shared room

The choice of the wallpaper is particularly important in an ideal shared room for brothers and sisters. Since tastes and hobbies are different, it is recommended to opt for something neutral. A wallpaper in soft colors (like a watercolor cloud mural for example), with matching duvet covers patterns, would be perfect.

Furthermore, it is very easy to install and a watercolor mural allows not to notice potential imperfections. 

2) Vintage is the solution

Appropriate accessories for an ideal shared room are hard to choose, but with some efforts it is possible to find something wonderful and elegant. To make your kids feel special, you can add vintage arts for each of their beds, based on their passions. For example, for the boy a vintage sailboat paint, paired with a black and white photo, and for the girl a vintage bird print and a small vintage crest, painted with chalkboard paint for special little notes and drawings.

Even the dresser to set up your kids clothes must be gender neutral. A vintage memorabilia might suit your needs. It would be a great idea if you are able to pair it with a giant print of an old postcard or with an old paint.

3) Natural References

Beyond the watercolor cloud mural that we mentioned before, it is possible to add other natural references to make the ideal shared room more artistic and elegant. Think about the lamps and the head of the beds: for lamps could be used a trunk base and the head of the beds could be made of wood. 

4) Curtains Fall

Don’t forget about the curtains! They have to be blackout curtains, but at the same time they have to allow natural light to illuminate your ideal shared room. For that reason, it is not suitable to choose too bright colors, but keep pastel and soft colors.