A work space designed for the comfort and the wellness of your children. Since the virtual school has become a reality during these difficult times, in this article you can find some of the coolest ideas to organize a virtual school in your home. It also can be used just to do homework. 

Here are some of the virtual school ideas for your home

1) A Fun and colourful Work Space

A large wardrobe system filled with drawers and shelves to keep everything organized. A cozy reading corner with side-by-side wall desks are incorporated in it, to give the kids the space for drawing, creating things and doing homework. 

A lovely idea to keep your children focused on their duty in a happy place, surrounded by joyful colors and details.

2) A Generational Homeschool area

Multiple work areas for older and younger kids, ideal for those families who have a lot of extra space in their own houses. This room is conceived by a couple who has three kids of 11, 9 and 3 years old. Since they are different ages, they have different purposes during their day. For these reasons, the parents have decided to create a multipurpose room and to use it in as many ways as possible.

3) Floating Work Spaces

If you are tired of your children taking over your dining table with all their gear, this is the perfect idea to set up a small space shared by two girls. The floating wall desks are the solution if in the bedroom there are beds with trundle beds below; in this case you don’t have to move a desk out each time you need to pull them out for visiting friends or family. In combination, matching and lightweight chairs, easy to move around, and colorful storage boxes.

These kinds of desks are also special because, thanks to them, each girl has what she can call “her own place” in a room where everything is almost shared.

4) Preschool Playroom

Ideal for children who started preschool recently, that may need less structured schooling. Everything you need to mimic the structure and fun is an art and reading section to help the creativity of your children and a food area with a chalkboard for menus.