How to create a wonderful floreal nursery

Are you a flower lover and want your little girl’s bedroom to visually express your passion?

Our collections are full of flowers as decorative motifs. just think for example of Monnalisa Living by Savio Firmino. 

We have come up with a short guide for you to help you with your decision-making process. Make a realistic checklist that you know you can stick to and then enjoy the creation moment.

4 steps to create a ideal floreal nursery

1. Decide the crib furniture
First of all it is necessary choose your crib furniture, as this choice will surely guide what color the walls and the bedding will be. Discover our amazing cribs: Notte Crib, Monnalisa Chantal, Monnalisa Audrey.

2. Look for the ideal kind of fabric
After choosing the crib and the furniture, it’s time to select the fabrics. You can decide to opt for simple bedding to combine with floral wallpaper or floral fabrics to match with solid painted walls. Among our fabrics we have some perfect for your floral nursery: cotton printed with roses, striped and rose printed cotton, pink leather with roses. You can view some of them through our Monnalisa Chloé. In addition, choosing the right curtain can also help you give your nursery a more floral touch. Just remember to possibly add a blackout cover to make your baby’s nap easier.

3. Choose the wall colors
In this step you have to select the wall paint or wall covering. Do not paint the nursery room before you have chosen the bedding and fabrics. It is much easier to match a paint color to a fabric swatch than the other way around.

4. It’s time for accessories
After you have chosen the crib, decided on the fabrics and painted the walls, the part where you can indulge yourself the most begins. Think wall objects that fit the floral nursery theme, like our mirror Monnalisa Jaqueline.