4 things every kid’s bedroom should have

Designing your child’s room could be one of the most fun projects to work on in your home.

There are two main aspects that make this design one of the most exciting. First of all, you start decorating the room by thinking about that little one who will sleep and play in it and, consequently, about his personality, which will be reflected in the colors of the walls and in the things you decide to place inside the room.
Secondly, space for creativity! In your child’s room you can dare, where you have not done it for other places in your home. This can also inspire you for future design projects.

Surely a question to ask when furnishing this space is “How do I want the room to feel?”. Usually you want a normal room to be comfortable, safe, relaxing, while the kid’s room needs to be playful and carefree. For this reason we have thought of 5 must-haves for any child’s bedroom. 

4 must-haves in a kid’s bedroom

1. Lighting
​​Choosing the right lights is essential not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for the well-being of your children. The soft lights create the right atmosphere, but even more they contribute to the release of melatonin, facilitating sleep. Usually children have a complex relationship with the dark, therefore, to help them overcome this fear, it would be better to choose playful and familiar lamps, such as our hot-air balloon lamp.

2. Kid’s chair
If you do not want your children to always sit or lie on the bed, or to always do their homework on the kitchen table, it is necessary that there are chairs inside the room (even one is fine, but better a few more in case some friend would come).

3. Artworks
A little imagination is needed, not only in the minds of children but also in the places around them. For this reason it is important that the walls, in addition to having a specific color, are also decorated with artwork, which can be simple drawings, cartoon images, words, motivational phrases, etc. 

4. Books and bookcases
Books are fundamental in the growth and training of children. Let’s face it, among the indelible moments of our childhood, there is undoubtedly the one before bedtime, when one of your parents curled up in bed with you to read fantastic stories and majestic adventures. Books always tend to increase over time. This is why it is important to choose a suitable bookcase, which your child can always turn to when he wants to get lost in another world. Do you know that children choose books based on what their subconscious is processing at that particular moment? So letting them decide which book to read on any given day is really important to their emotional well-being