It’s Time to Grow Up: How to turn your Nursery into a Bedroom

Is your toddler visibly growing? Is his/her nursery room starting to hold tight? When it comes time to transition your nursery to a toddler-appropriate bedroom, it can feel overwhelming. Don’t you know where you have to start or what you should keep or get rid of? Childreams is here to help you upgrade your baby’s nursery into a bedroom where children can grow and play.

5 tips to upgrade your toddler’s nursery into a bedroom
  1. A comfortable bed for sweet dreams
    When you decide to upgrade your child’s nursery, the first thing you have to change is obviously the bed. The transition from a crib to a toddler bed should be automatic. It’s important to choose a bed that you are sure you will feel comfortable with (that means one with built in railings or adding on attachable rail guards), like our Monnalisa Audrey, recommended for babies from 0 to 36 months.
  1. Safety first
    Growing up means becoming more curious and consequently being more prone to small accidents. The more time passes the more your baby will wander around his room. The best thing to do, to keep your little one safe, is checking every corner and replacing something that you consider dangerous with safer options. For example, no sharp corners or choosing cordless curtains.
  1. An ideal space for activities
    Your child should have a wide space where he/she can express freely, discovering new hobbies and interests. In every ideal bedroom, a corner should be dedicated to a play area. The place where you kept your Childreams rocking chair could now be the perfect spot for a Chalkboard table and kid’s chairs, where your children can give free rein to their creativity. The Big Decorative Mouse and Small Decorative Teddy Bear’s space could be replaced with a few cozy Monnalisa cushions for a quiet reading nook. Pay attention to your child’s interests and adjust the room to fit the activities they enjoy most right now!
  1. Consider your child’s interests
    Surely you will have decorated your little one’s room following your personal tastes, making it similar to the style of the other rooms in the house; nevertheless it’s time to  understand what your child is loving right now and find ways to incorporate this into the space in a tasteful way that will make both of you happy. There may be a good compromise, that maintains your level of taste while allowing your toddlers’ room to become an expression of their passions.
  1. A removable changing pad
    Soon your baby will no longer need diapers. So how about getting rid of that changing pad once and for all? If you’ve been using Childreams changing station on top of Notte Dresser, this should be an easy swap for you, because it is removable and can be used separately. The top of the dresser is a great place to add some items to complete the room’s styling that might need to stay out of reach of little fingers (extra lighting, framed photos of the family etc.)