Booklover Club: A colorful nook in your kids’ room

Are you trying to build a dream place where your children can spend time in their bedroom? They need imagination, they have to think about epic adventures and let themselves be carried away in magical worlds. All children should have in their room a dedicated and safe space, where they can have fun without the constant presence (and supervision) of the parents.

Here is what you need for a perfect reading nook:

1- A colorful peel and stick wallpaper (with drawings of animals and planets for example) to give a touch of diversity, originality and cheer up the spirit of your children. 
2- A not too big bookcase with small wheels, to move it anywhere and take your books wherever you want.
3- Reuse some shelves for extra book storage. On the shelves can be organized books that have yet to be read, notebooks, drawing sheets etc.
4- A comfortable small armchair, like our Monnalisa Chloé, where every child could get lost for hours, reading magnificent stories.
5- A small lamp (Monnalisa Petit Eloide could be a solution) to brighten up even the darkest readings. 
6- Pouff (like Childreams Playing Pouff-Rug with Petals) and Cushions (like the Monnalisa ones): not only armchairs but also something to make your children’s fun even more relaxing.