Train Bed: discover one of the main Notte Fatata creations

Childreams Train Bed

Admire one of the main Notte Fatata creations. The train bed is distinct, stylish, and recognised everywhere by those who appreciate luxury and authenticity.

An Adventurer or simply a traveler’s soul? We have created the ideal “refuge” for kids, able to transport them not only to dream destinations and fantastic adventures, but also back in time. A sort of orient express, where the little ones can be in command of their own fantasies: that’s the Notte Fatata Train Bed!

The Train Bed is one of our main creations and it is both breathtaking and impressive. Don’t lose the opportunity to give your child a memorable childhood. Crafted entirely from wood (safe and non-toxic), it will provide many hours of sleep and play at the same time. 

We have three versions of train bed, all exciting and real treasures for children:

Ideal for slightly older children, The Blue Orient Express features a slide at the front and a “passenger compartment” at the rear, perfect for toys. We always think about integrating functionality and fun in all our luxury creations, to give every child an unforgettable experience of the most cheerful time of life.