…There is an enchanted place where creativity is combined with virtuosity to create an exclusive Collection designed by Craftsmen and Artists…

…A place of fables where the dreams of mothers and children become reality…

…The journey into the marvelous world of Notte Fatata by Savio Firmino will take you to a wonderful fairy-tale world every day…

Notte Fatata by Savio Firmino, a collection dedicated to the child from birth to early infancy, is an unmistakable expression of the style of Savio Firmino which for over 70 years has been decorating the world’s most exclusive homes. Notte Fatata was developed for curious babies who step by step explore their rooms pampered and surrounded by items of refined quality, with an authentic and distinctive style knowingly designed by Guido Savio and the creative office of Savio Firmino. So, as in the past, the work of Savio Firmino’s Florentine master artisans combines with modern technology creating a production process characterized by a perfect union of creativity, traditional craftsmanship, professionalism and top-end quality.

Notte Fatata by Savio Firmino follows your children’s growth offering for the world of the youngest an exclusive range of products entirely made in Italy.

Notte Fatata initially came to life as a collection of exclusive Furniture which since 2008 has been a major player in the creation of the most stylish children bedrooms in the world. Today it offers even a luxurious Accessory Collection composed by textiles, silverware and a stylish line of Nursery Bags.

The Collections of Notte Fatata create an enchanted world where babies and children can make their first steps embraced by both the affection of the closest family and by products designed to stimulate their imagination, genuine items, manufactured entirely in Italy in traditional craftsmanship according to the highest quality standards. The Journey into the wonderful world of Notte Fatata by Savio Firmino will lead the children into the most enchanted fairy-tale of all:  their growing up.